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Gourmet Burger and Gyro Food Truck in Sarasota

Explore Our Burger and Gyro Menu

Step into a world of culinary delight with Two Guys To Go, Sarasota's premier burger and gyro food truck. Our journey began with a passion for crafting gourmet dishes that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression. From juicy burgers to flavorful gyros, each item on our menu is carefully curated to offer a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

At Two Guys To Go, we believe in using only the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure the highest quality in every bite. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the kitchen as we strive to create a memorable experience for every customer. Whether you're craving a classic cheeseburger or adventurous enough to try our signature gyro, rest assured that each dish is prepared with precision and attention to detail.

What sets us apart is not just the food, but the experience we provide. Our food truck is more than just a mobile kitchen; it's a hub of culinary creativity and community engagement. We love connecting with our customers and sharing our passion for food through events and festivals across Sarasota. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest whereabouts and special promotions.

Choosing Two Guys To Go for your next meal means embarking on a gastronomic journey like no other. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite on the go or catering for a special event, we promise to exceed your expectations with every delicious bite. Come join us and discover why Two Guys To Go is the ultimate destination for burger and gyro lovers in Sarasota.

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