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Delicious Moments at the Bradenton Gun Show

Last weekend, on June 29-30 2024, we had the excitement of participating in the Gun Show held at the Bradenton Convention Center. As Twoguystogo food truck, it was a fantastic experience for us, and we were delighted to serve unforgettable flavors including burgers and chopped cheese to the attendees.

Event and Atmosphere

The Gun Show is an important annual event that brings together gun enthusiasts. This year, attendance was quite high. Visitors had the opportunity to explore gun collections, equipment, and more. However, the event was not just limited to guns; it was also filled with a variety of food and drink options.

Twoguystogo's Flavors

As Twoguystogo, we offered a variety of delicious meals to everyone at the event. Some of the favorites from our menu included:

- Gourmet Burgers: Our burgers, prepared with special sauces and fresh ingredients, received rave reviews from visitors.

- Chopped Cheese:The famous New York sandwich, chopped cheese, won everyone's taste buds.

- Gyro: Our gyro, made with delicious meat and fresh garnishes, attracted great attention from the attendees.


Many of the attendees praised the taste and presentation of our food. Some visitors said, "The best burger we've ever had!" while others complimented the flavors of our chopped cheese and gyro.


We would like to thank everyone who joined us at this fantastic event and tried our food. As Twoguystogo, we always enjoy meeting you at such wonderful events. See you at the next events!


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Bradenton Gun Show
Burger and Chopped Cheese Food Truck

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